Asteroid 9703 Sussenbach

Note: Make sure you have Java enabled on your browser to see the applet. This applet is provided as an orbit visualization tool. The applet was implemented using only 2-body methods, and hence should not be used for determining accurate long-term trajectories or planetary encounter circumstances.

1 AU = 1 Astronomical Unit = 149,597,871 kilometers

Orbit Viewer applet originally written and kindly provided by Osamu Ajiki (AstroArts),and further modified by Ron Baalke (JPL).

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Asteroid 9703 Sussenbach
Alternate Designations: 1993 FE10, 1989 AE4

(heliocentric ecliptic reference frame)

Epoch of Osculation (Julian Day, ET) 2451800.5
Epoch of Osculation (Calendar Date, ET) 2000-09-13
Mean Anomaly (deg) 156.14383
Argument of Perihelion (deg) 311.75567
Longitude of the Ascending Node (deg) 106.27505
Inclination (deg) 3.72547
Eccentricity 0.0675394
Semi-major Axis (AU) 2.3320761
Perihelion Passage (Julian Day, ET) 2451236.2977102
Perihelion Passage (Calendar Date, ET) 1999-02-26.7977104
Perihelion Distance (AU) 2.174569079


GM (km^3 s^-2) unknown
Radius (km) unknown
H (absolute magnitude) 15.300
G (magnitude slope parameter) 0.15
Color Index (B-V) unknown
Rotation Period (h) unknown
Geometric Albedo unknown
Spectral Class unknown
Orbit Solution Data Arc 1973-1998
Observations used in Orbit Solution 42

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